Learn the science of women’s health

Women's Health: Biology and Wellness

How does the particular biology of women relate to their health? What diseases affect women more than men? How does the social standing of women impact their wellness and their access to treatment? You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the genetics, anatomy and physiology of women, including hormones and reproductive health. We’ll take an in-depth look into select diseases such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

If you are interested in medicine or are considering a future in women’s health, this course is for you.

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Female doctor addressing a women's health

Program Dates

Multiple 2- and 4-week sessions.


For students ages 13+.



Understand the unique biology and social challenges that affect women’s health

Explorer Women's Unique Anatomy

How do female organs work together to regulate the body? How does the reproductive system work? Learn about diseases such as endometriosis and review a case study about polycistronic ovaries (PCOS).

Learn the Role Hormones Play In Development

How are women’s hormones different from men’s? What’s the biology of menstruation? What disorders are related to hormones and how are they managed?

Understand the Problems the Healthcare System Poses for Women

Dive into the U.S. Healthcare system and the particular challenges it poses for women. See how medicine, social issues and politics intersect with women’s health.

Discover the Science Behind Reproduction

Fertilization. Contraception. Lactation. Know the physiological stages women experience from conception to birth. Learn the hormonal changes that occur with the pill and other means of birth control.

Prepare for a Future in Women's Health or Advocacy

Topics covered in this course offer a good background for potential careers such as physician, nurse, diagnostician, biologist, psychologist, women’s health counselor, legislator, lawyer and social worker.

Final Project: Take a Stand on a Women's Health Issue

You will focus on a particular disease, present current policies affecting it, discuss problems that arise and propose a new approach. Make your case in a video or creative poster.

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Women's Health: Biology and Wellness

June 26 - July 10

Length: 2 weeks

Cost: $995

Application Deadline: Sunday, June 19, 2022

Women's Health: Biology and Wellness

July 10 - July 24

Length: 2 weeks

Cost: $995

Application Deadline: Sunday, July 3, 2022

Women's Health: Biology and Wellness

July 24 - August 7

Length: 2 weeks

Cost: $995

Application Deadline: Sunday, July 17, 2022

All course options, whether 2 or 4 weeks, have the identical educational content, learning materials, and number of assignments. The difference in length of course is to allow flexibility for a student's busy schedule.

Skills You Will Gain From This Course

  • You will be able to discuss the complexities surrounding women’s health in our society
  • You will comprehend the hormonal, reproductive and unique metabolic cycles of women
  • You will understand issues concerning diagnosis, treatment, vaccination and on-going care
  • You will know how to argue your case regarding women’s health issues backed by science
  • You will be able to determine if a future in medicine or women’s health is right for you

High school student taking Brandeis online pre-college Women's Health course

3 Learning Advantages Designed For You

Flexible Learning

  • 100% online — works with your schedule
  • 25-30 hours of total instruction and course work, including engaging multimedia, simulations, and curated assignments
  • You’ll learn through engaging videos. Tune in anytime that works for you
  • Engage with fellow students from around the world
  • This course also serves as a prerequisite to the Summer Residency on Women's Health at Brandeis University


You’ll receive guidance from a mentor who can support you and answer questions as you deepen your learning experience. You can expect:

  • Encouragement and direction on all assignments
  • Inspiration, motivation and confidence to help you succeed
  • Brainstorming on your topic to help you prepare for the final project

Final Project

The course culminates with a special project that allows you to: 

  • Design a poster presentation or infographic based on all you've learned throughout the course
  • Demonstrate what you’ve learned in this course
  • Get feedback from mentors on your work

Course Designed By

Headshot of Brandeis Women's Health Professor Melissa Kosinski-Collins

Professor Melissa Kosinski-Collins

PhD, Professor of Biology

Dr. Melissa Kosinski-Collins has been teaching in the Biology department for the last 13 years and won the Louis Dembitz Brandeis Prize for Excellence in Teaching.  Professor Kosinski-Collins has designed courses for introductory STEM and non-STEM undergraduates, advanced Biology undergraduates and master’s level university students.  She is actively involved in the science education community, researching innovative pedagogy, retention methods, and inclusive strategies in the STEM classroom. 

Course Mentors

Headshot of Kayla who is a Brandeis course mentor in Women's Health


Brandeis University graduate with a B.S. in Biology and Health: Science, Society, and Policy. Currently working as a Health and Behavior Coach at Transform Alliance for Health.

Headshot of Hunter who is a Brandeis course mentor in Women's Health


Undergraduate student at Brandeis University studying Biology, Health: Science Society and Policy, and French.

Headshot of Abby who is a Brandeis course mentor in Women's Health


Undergraduate student at Brandeis University. Previously worked as a teaching assistant focused on neurodegenerative disorders and currently works as an EMT.

How to Apply

High School student taking Brandeis online pre-college Women's Health course

It’s easy. No transcripts or letters of recommendation are required. Our application will ask you to provide the following:

  • Basic contact information for you and your parent or guardian.
  • Why you wish to take this course. You can tell your story through writing, video, photos — any media you prefer.

NOTE: Please submit all application materials in English.

Begin the guided process. It should take only a few minutes of your time to answer the questions.

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